Maintenance Support

The Black Rock community utilizes a maintenance support contract to properly maintain the community to a high standard.   Since 2010 the HOA has employed Todd Services, owned and operated by one of our members, Mr. Freddie Todd.   Mr. Todd has been associated with the community for over 25 years and possesses unlimited knowledge of how the development was created and maintained over the years.  Mr. Todd is well known by the vast majority of owners as he was involved in the sale of most of the lots we purchased and continues to maintain the lawns of many lot owners.

Maintenance Support Shop.


Todd Services operates out of their maintenance support shop located within the community footprint.  The support shop is strategically located at the rear of the community to minimize exposure while allowing immediate access to the grounds for maintenance.

The support shop area serves as a storage location of supplies and materials to maintain the community, such as fill dirt, gravel, rock, drain pipes, etc.

Upon prior coordination with Mr. Todd, owners may bring yard debris ( tree clippings, small shrubs, etc) to the burn pit.  Todd Services will properly burn the debris minimizing any effect on the home owners.

Note.  Owners  are prohibited from burning debris on their property without prior HOA approval and obtaining a burn permit from Bertie County.


Boat/Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Storage Area.  

Our restrictive covenants prohibits the storage of boats/trailers and recreational vehicles in plain sight.   To assist property owners, the BOD has an agreement with Todd Services to storage a limited number of boats/trailers and recreational vehicles.

Upon prior coordination with Todd Services, owners may store their boat/trailer and recreational vehicle.




Todd Services can be contacted at (252) 813-2006.